It’s Valentine’s Day? Really?

At the beginning of this week, I said to my sister, “Is Valentine’s Day this week?” She confirmed the day is Friday. Since absolutely nothing else has been happening lately for me to write about, I figured I would write a post about this upcoming lovers’ holiday from my perspective in my current situation, which is basically that I enjoyed spending Valentine’s Day with my loves, and yet it wasn’t the only day that we professed our love for one another. So it is my opinion that all those in relationships should each and every day treat each other like they might never see them again.  At this first attempt at my post, my sister’s reaction was that it was “sad.” So I trashed it.

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Obviously, anything I write about my now deceased loves of my life and my feelings about it is going to be sad to some – even if I don’t mean it to be. My point about it is that I have no regrets about either of my relationships with my late spouses because I seriously enjoyed having them in my life. The Valentine’s Day “holiday” doesn’t make me miss them more than I do any other day.

Valentine’s Day Mentions on the Internet

It was just today that I was looking around Facebook, and I happened to come across a post from a guy who was talking about being alone on Valentine’s Day. Of course his post had something to do with being single, which forced him to now have a date with porn and himself. Not a picture I cared to think about.

Later, I decided to look on the Internet to see what other single people were saying about the day, and many articles said that men, suprisingly, dislike being alone — one site said 70%. The funny thing about this is that another article said that 70% of men just want sex as their present for Valentine’s Day, which made me wonder if they polled the same dudes, and if the guy in my Facebook newsfeed happened to be one of those surveyed. The only thing that I can surmise from all this is that if I wanted to get lucky, the odds would be particularly in my favor on Friday.

Other countless articles had tips and suggestions on what to do if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day. Overwhelmingly, they suggested hanging with friends, spa treatments, and taking a vacation. These writers also said that being alone allows you the opportunity to not only do whatever you want for yourself but also that many will spend more money on themselves than what they would have spent or been given if they were in a relationship.

Laser Liposuction, Hair Removal or a Jet Pack?

After reading this, I went straight to Groupon to look for spa treatments. After thinking a massage sounded nice, I wondered if I should splurge and buy a package for laser liposuction like Kim Kardashian or laser hair removal — relax, I mean on my underarms. I then thought about my stepdaughter’s best friend who said once that she hoped that she never won the lottery because she would probably spend the money on something stupid like a jet pack.

At the time she said this I thought this was one of the funniest things I ever heard. Today it crossed my mind at the same time I thought to myself: What the hell am I doing getting sucked up in this “holiday” when I wasn’t even planning on acknowledging it. So I am sticking with my very first agenda: Watching a funny movie and reading my book.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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