Yep, I Am a Two Time Widow

Oh, internet world, life has dealt me quite a hand. I am a middle-aged widow with MS, and a cancer survivor. I’ll be blogging about the MS and cancer later, though, because I don’t want to, right off the bat, get your brain as overwhelmed as mine is. ┬áBut as for the issue of widowhood, let’s talk about it.

First off, this ain’t my first rodeo…

I was the ripe young age of 28 and married for one month and one day when my first husband, Bruce, died in a dirt bike accident. So in 2012 when a heart attack took my second husband, Tom, of 13 years, I guess you can say I was somewhat prepared for the mental anguish that one goes through after the death of a loved one.

That doesn’t mean it hurt less. That doesn’t mean I didn’t at times feel like I was going crazy. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have to take time to heal. Hell, I am still healing – from both losses.

Hopefully this blog will help with my healing. Maybe it will even help you.

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