Thanksgiving Highlights and My Lost Day

Yesterday ended up being a day of kind of cleaning the house and mostly relaxing, well…sleeping, which I believe is the result of the amount of sugar I consumed over Thanksgiving.

I’m not going to say it was depression…but, holidays are just a day of going through the motions the past couple of years. In fact, sometimes it’s like a long, rough run.

The Thanksgiving Race Day

Running on empty over the holidayBeing once a year, I run the similar course that I am used to running except the person I loved to run with — the person that I talked to most often during that day – is no longer there. That’s when I notice the pain. I just want to stop on the course, go to the nearest bar, get drunk, and then just sleep the pain away.

I know if I do, though, I am going to feel worse.

Instead I begin to notice the people on the sidelines. My peeps. The people who are rooting for me. They don’t know that I am experiencing pain because they’re just happy to see that I’m following the course even though it now has a new twist. They stand on the corner of that new turn in the road and make me smile because I am glad to see that they, too, came to the course, even though it might look a little strange for them from where they’re now standing. Hell, they might even recognize the course I am now running or at least have had really high hurdles to jump on their own courses before, which makes them want to be part of the encouragement.

Until I get used to this new course, I am just abnormally tired once I am finished. I made it through, though, and I was able to chuckle through the pain because during my first normal visit spot:

  • Mom — feeling under pressure because my aunt told her to hurry since she was hungry — said her own version of the Catholic prayer, except that we’re Lutheran. So while the whole thing sounded strange to both the Catholics and Lutherans at the table, we were kind of impressed that God guided her through something, even though He, too, was confused.
  • One of our family friends said she’s been vegan for 28 days, but was eating whipped cream. Of course we called her out on it. So she said she was taking the day off since it was Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, her husband said he is still trying to figure out where the leftover chicken breast they had cooked back at home that week disappeared to from the refrigerator. Finally, she gave up on trying to convince us about her diet, got drunk and had to be carefully guided to the car at the end of the visit.
  • All of us winos at the table stopped a catastrophe by yelling out, “No!” at the same time when the once-in-awhile drinker was about to pour red wine into his white wine, because he wanted to taste both.

At my normal second visit spot:

  • My mother-in-law said colored people during one of her stories, and we are still trying to figure out not only the color but what that really had to do with what she was telling us.
  • My nephew had to go to work at 7 p.m. at Staples, which left us wondering what kind of extraordinary sales Staples would have that would drive people in droves to their store on Thanksgiving rather than Best Buy. We decided to text him the entire night while he was “working” (helping the three customers that did come into the store).
  • My stepdaughter promised to text me when she got home and if I had not texted her first and received an answer, I surely would wonder if she is still driving.

Thank you, my peeps. It was wonderful seeing all of you!

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