That’s A Terrible Name

Today I was driving to work when I noticed a license plate – dare I say bragger’s plate – that read: SHART.

Granted it wasn’t “I SHART,” but it still made me chuckle when I saw it. If you don’t know what I mean, (Mom), just Google it. To save time, I’ve done it for you here: Let’s not even talk about Al Roker’s sharting incident at the White House, courtesy of TMZ, which I noticed on that topic listing.

Of course I did assume that it was someone’s last name, and after telling my sister about the license plate when I arrived home tonight, I did some quick research during her hysterical laughter. It is, in fact, a last name. Obviously there is nothing you can do about your last name…except to leave it off a license plate so no one gets into an accident from laughing.

Are Parents Really This Mean?

On this subject of names, my thoughts went to my stepdaughter and her Russian husband and the lengthy process they went through trying to pick a name for their daughter. They wanted to make sure that the name wasn’t too difficult to pronounce for Americans and at the same time didn’t mean something – like train-stop whore – in Russian.

They did a good job, settling on Alisa.

Personally, the worst first and last name combination I ever came in contact with was Michael Hunt. Naturally, I asked him if there was a particular reason why he didn’t go by Mike. Like he didn’t get that question his whole life.

As it turns out, SHART and Mike Hunt aren’t at the top of the awkward names list as I found out here:

Enjoy the rest of your day. Also, if you are picking names for your child, take great care not to scar them.


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