Pick Your Seat

When I left off, I was talking about the popular tennis courts of Aruba. Yet, there is no comparison in popularity when it comes to the lawn chairs by the pools in Aruba.

It didn’t matter if you were at the resort pool or at the condo pool, if you are looking to get a particular chair or a group a chairs, you better get up early.

I didn’t have too much of a problem. First, I was alone. I was only needing one chair. If I couldn’t find a lawn chair, I would take a chair from the tables situated around the bar and drag it close to the pool.

Sometime in the late afternoon, I would venture over to my aunts’ condo pool area, where I would find my aunts sitting under a palm tree in part shade part sun. That’s where I’d end up too.

No one seemed to bother our chairs underneath the palm trees. Too lazy to drag them over to the pool? Who knows.

Marking Your Territory

Everyone was given a green beach towel every day from the resort or condo staff at the towel hut in each designated area. You could turn in your towel and get a fresh new one any time throughout the day.

When you went to the pool and found yourself a chair, you placed your towel there. This ensured that no one would take your chair.

So people of the condo became inventive with this marking of their territory. When they turned in their towel for the day, they would make sure to get a new one for the next day. When the next day came, they would get up at 5 a.m. and place their towel on a chair. Then they would come down to the pool when they were good and ready and their chair would be waiting.

Cosmo Kramer Causes a Scene

Many of the condo folks were getting tired of this extreme. So this one guy grabbed a bunch of turned in towels from the bin and held them, and at 3 a.m., having returned from the bar, he went out to the pool and put towels on all the lawn chairs.

The next morning people were livid. They were standing around the pool with towels in hand wondering what to do.

The culprit, who didn’t even hang out at the pool, just kind of sauntered in on the  scene he caused and did a quick Kramer about-face back to his building.

My aunts, who knew what had happened, laughed their asses off.




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