Mature Ones On-the-Go

My sister made a check-in phone call to Mom to see what she has been doing lately. Mom is always on the go and usually sees movies and experiences the latest hot spots – restaurants, wineries, etc. – with her friends (a crazy, boisterous group of women) way before my sister and I have a chance to do so.

In fact, you might as well just forget about telling her how you saw the funniest movie on video because…”Oh I saw that last month in the theater…” Or how you experienced the worst or best meal at…”Oh I ate there the first week it opened…”

These comments are usually followed by some kind of story where her friend, Linda, was crying so loud at the sad movie or laughing so loud at a funny one that they nearly were thrown out. Or how on the way, Linda flipped someone off while Mom was driving, which Mom didn’t know about until Linda explained to her, by way of an answer to her question, why the driver in the next car was flipping her off or mouthing obscenities. Or how they were chatting and laughing and got completely lost on the way to some new destination and ended up in a bad end of town after missing a crucial turn, during which time each passenger was anxiously fearing getting hijacked at a stop sign, freaking out the driver.

On this phone check-in, though, it was my sister who “made a funny”:

Mom was telling her that she and her man friend went gambling on the penny machines at the local gaming room. This is something that they tend do pretty often.

My sister asked her if she won another television, since she has won two of these door prizes in the past couple years, but Mom said that she did not win anything this time. She said she just played penny slots for awhile on $20 but added that the gaming room always has food. “They usually order a whole bunch of pizzas, so I just play my $20, eat dinner and go home,” she said.

Next thing my sister said: “So it’s like a Chuck E. Cheese for adults.”

I laughed! But then I started thinking how true that analogy really was.

2 thoughts on “Mature Ones On-the-Go

  1. Lol!!! That is true! Wonder where they get their pizza from??? Has to be better than chuckie cheese!!! And cheaper too! Only thing is your mom doesn’t come home w a neck full of cheap maradi gras type beads for her $20 “donation”

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