Good Days?

I have been writing about the funny things that happened on my Aruba trip because it is good therapy.

Truth is, this is the worst month for me. Today, for example, is my loved one’s birthday. Friday is the date of his death.

All in all I’ve done pretty well this year.

I think.

If you ignore the fact that I have been just a little off my game lately.

For instance, it took me a long time to begin writing on my blog again. When I did, I changed the first post about a million times. It was full of errors. Grammatical issues and awkward sentences. To all those who may have read it and thought: What the fuck?…I apologize.

Then at work. I’ve had to redo things twice. I’m scattered. I am forgetting things in the time that it takes to walk from my boss’ office to my desk.

But here are the things that make me smile:

My friend remembered Tom’s birthday. She texted me and told me to have a good day.

My sister-in-law texted me to tell me that she gave him a drink of beer at the cemetery. She also left flowers.

My sister’s birthday is Saturday, and we often celebrated his and her birthday together. So, we will kind of do that again this year. We will go tonight and have a nice dinner and some wine.

Life goes on for me. My memories are good ones. The sad moments are better controlled. It is what it is. Happy birthday, my love. I miss you today and always.


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