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Yea…that’s not me. Nice car though, right? Pic from

I worked on Saturday at my new second job as a demonstration specialist. I wasn’t scheduled but was called in to cover for the new girl who apparently doesn’t want the job after all. Of course rather than fess up to that fact, she simply decided not to show up or even call. Thank you to this person, though, because I made some extra cash.

Like the Chicks on The Price is Right, Only Fatter

The requirement of my job is to entice people to buy products. Yet if you were thinking I might be sprawled out on the hood of a Maserati in a bikini, thank goodness for me, Maserati and the rest of the viewing world, that is not the gig. Rather I hand out free food and product samples.

For this most recent event, I handed out trial packets of — no kidding — pee pee pads for doggies.

Did You Say Pee Pads? Or Pissy People?

I was already forewarned by my manager that the area of the store I was in is notorious for not engaging folks. Actually, he said they would downright ignore me. So I made a conscious effort to hold up the package that stated “Trial Pack,” saying with a big, friendly smile, “I have a free trial for dog owners today.”

What I thought was a well-planned opening was met with quite a few interesting retorts or answers.

You’re Either Crotchety, A Comedian or a Bad Grandma If You Answered…

These are given in the order of the amount of times I heard them:

Are they free?Why yes, hence “free trial.” I really can’t poke too much fun because I would have probably said the same damn thing so let’s just put this in the comedian category.
Um…I need a dog first.Very sarcastic, and of course asking if they knew of a dog owner who would want to try it was not any more of a positive experience for me. I guess the pad wouldn’t work on the bug they apparently had up their ass.
I don’t have a dog, but can I use it for her (or him)?Obviously this was said in humor which usually caused a little light cut-that-out smack or their kid to say, “Heyyy!?” I kind of chuckled at these.
Those fucking things don’t work. The damn little bastards things still piss and shit all over the place!If I was your dog I would piss and shit in your house, too, if you called me a bastard…but thanks for the opening to tell the others who heard you that “some people really like them.”
I was thinking about getting this for my grandchild.This was said seriously while nodding to the child in the cart as the person took one and walked away with this poor kid, leaving me with my mouth ajar.
I believe all animals should be killed.Aaaawww, really…? I am assuming a dog bite could have been the reason for this reaction, but I didn’t ask. Still, who could hurt this guy?…

Barney is a toy fox terrier rat terrier mix

May I present cute little Mr. Barney Pierre.

Go Ahead…Try It

If you are wondering whether or not you should try pee pads for your pet, all I can say is that some people swear by them, whether they had a puppy, a smaller dog who doesn’t like the cold, or an older dog with bladder issues.

Interestingly enough, a couple people said they even line the cat’s litter box with them.

As far as some of the other people I encountered: Is a simple “no thank you” out of the question?


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