It’s Valentine’s Day? Really?

At the beginning of this week, I said to my sister, “Is Valentine’s Day this week?” She confirmed the day is Friday. Since absolutely nothing else has been happening lately for me to write about, I figured I would write Continue reading

Thanksgiving Highlights and My Lost Day

Yesterday ended up being a day of┬ákind of cleaning the house and mostly relaxing, well…sleeping, which I believe is the result of the amount of sugar I consumed over Thanksgiving. I’m not going to say it was depression…but, holidays are Continue reading

When to Part With Deceased Loved One’s Clothes

It was about a day after my Dad died┬áthat I witnessed my Mom looking through drawers in her and Dad’s room to find something. She opened up my Dad’s T-shirt drawer and let out a heartfelt wail that brought tears Continue reading

An Excess of Barefoot Champagne Made Me Fat

I had a bit of a champagne addiction, which began from watching the Housewives reality shows on Bravo and cooking shows, increased after I discovered Barefoot Bubbly Champagne and then excelled even more after Tom passed away. Neither Bruce nor Continue reading