Anniversary of Death of Spouse

Yesterday was the 2-yr anniversary of Tom’s death, and I had appointments, which was helpful. Otherwise, I am sure I would have sat at home thinking way too much, which could lead to tears and quite possibly depression. Make no mistake, Continue reading

When to Part With Deceased Loved One’s Clothes

It was about a day after my Dad died that I witnessed my Mom looking through drawers in her and Dad’s room to find something. She opened up my Dad’s T-shirt drawer and let out a heartfelt wail that brought tears Continue reading

An Excess of Barefoot Champagne Made Me Fat

I had a bit of a champagne addiction, which began from watching the Housewives reality shows on Bravo and cooking shows, increased after I discovered Barefoot Bubbly Champagne and then excelled even more after Tom passed away. Neither Bruce nor Continue reading