An Excess of Barefoot Champagne Made Me Fat

I had a bit of a champagne addiction, which began from watching the Housewives reality shows on Bravo and cooking shows, increased after I discovered Barefoot Bubbly Champagne and then excelled even more after Tom passed away.

Neither Bruce nor Tom would be judgmental or surprised. They drank, and I had no problem drinking with them. However, with both of their passing, I did use alcohol at times to help ease the pain for the moment, which it doesn’t, or even just make me tired so that I wouldn’t have nightmares, which it does. Yet, I don’t recommend this method of coping because (a) you could become a raging alcoholic, and (b) you could become a fat ass.

My Life As A Fat Ass

Following my hysterectomy due to cancer, I was having a terrible time losing weight no matter how little I ate and how much I exercised. – Even with push mowing the yard.

Hmmm. Oh well. Gulp. Burp.

Then one day my Gynecological Oncologist’s office (say that three time fast) called and asked if I would like to be in a weight loss study.

Basically, the diet part of the weight loss study was to eat small meals every three hours and stay within 50-70 carbs a day. Using an app or online site, called LoseIt, would help you count the carbs. It was not necessary for you to count calories or fat, just carbs. If you follow Dr. Oz, you may have heard about maintaining glucose levels for health and losing weight. That’s the diet in a nutshell.

My Low Fat High Carb Diet Those Days

Ever since meeting Tom, with his hereditary cholesterol issue (but triglycerides to die for, as his doctor told him), I was a carb eater: pasta, baked potatoes (russets and sweet), wheat bread – well, I won’t lie, cause I love Italian bread dipped in olive oil, too - but I ate mostly wheat bread.

I always felt that the carbs would keep me full so I wouldn’t snack after dinner. And, it did. I could usually eat a plain wheat bagel in the morning, some fruit or a salad for lunch and pasta for dinner. Then, maybe I’d exercise. Then, maybe a little champagne before bed. After Tom’s death – maybe a lot of champagne before bed, if it was the weekend.

As far as the pasta dishes, Tom and I usually made pasta with veggies and olive oil and maybe chicken breast. When they came out with wheat pasta, I bought only that, which Tom had to get used to, but he did.

This was a diet I maintained. Now, considering this new low carb diet I was going to try, I would just cut way down on the pasta as well as potatoes and bread.

Ok. No problem. I can do vegetables and meat. This would be a little hard to start the first week, though, because I had planned a trip.

The Trip That Changed Things

The day after I received the study guidelines, I was headed for California to see my best friend from childhood – Andrea. We all call her awndē, which I write as Andie.

Andie had a great vacation planned for me, consisting of relaxation, lots of swimming and healthy foods. Restaurants and drinks weren’t out of the plan, but it was focused on healthiness. Mental and physical.

So a day after I arrived in Cali, Andie and I went for a walk in the morning and after a breakfast of egg whites, cottage cheese and soy chorizo sausage, we then headed to the Whole Foods. We picked up organic eggs, hummus, low fat cottage cheese, goat cheese, avocados, greens, white and green asparagus, chicken breast, low carb tortilla wraps, jicama (to replace tortilla chips for eating guacamole), and Ghiradelli dark chocolate (with caramel and a little sea salt – an awesome treat).

Then, we came to the wine section and guess what was on sale? Barefoot Bubbly. It was $7.99 a bottle and 10% off of six bottles of any wine.

As you may have guessed already, I decided on six bottles (much to Andie’s chagrin) - well, five bottles were of the champagne and the other one bottle was red wine – Pinot Noir.

My Vacation Carb Log

With my plan to cut down on pasta, potatoes and bread, my food carbs were not bad at all. I figured that would leave room for my champagne and wine. It probably would have helped to check the amount of carbs associated with this plan of mine on my cool LoseIt app that allows you to scan barcodes. But I didn’t. It might have even helped to drink in moderation. But being on vacation with no reason to have to get up early, I didn’t.

I opened the champagne within an hour we got back to the house, and throughout the day, drank leisurely while sitting by the pool (see picture). By the end of dinner, I had drank two bottles of champagne that first full day of vacation. That would be about 50 ounces. That is also an equivalent to about 11 shots of liquor, or two-thirds of a fifth, something I had not thought of until I decided to, out of curiosity, check online while writing this.

As far as my LoseIt log for just the champagne: 2,360 calories and 201.9 grams of carbs.

Uh-oh. But I decided: Well I can’t very well stop drinking the champagne because I had another three bottles to kill!

Andie and her Mom helped me with only bottle of champagne, so I basically drank 5,475 calories with 468.40 grams of carbs in the course of three days. Not in a row. I actually drank only a couple of glasses of red wine and one glass of champagne the day after my 2-bottle extravaganza, but then another 2-bottle event occurred on the third day.

Now the idea of quitting drinking never crosses my mind. I basically decided that I needed to change my beverage of choice and definitely cut down my drinking, and I was really ready to do so.

So after I returned from vacation, I changed my drink of choice to lemon vodka and seltzer water, which actually the nutritionist at the doctor’s office recommended. Or, I will drink cherry vodka and Diet Pepsi, which I’d rather have, even though I try not to drink soda because of the crap that’s in it. Either way, I have only one or two in a social setting or to end my day. This happens about one to three times a week, I log in about 128 to 384 extra calories and 0 carbs, and consume one to six shots of liquor per week.

As far as the diet study ended up. I lost about 13 pounds in the next 4 weeks.

For those who diet – or drink their diet – it really may help you to log everything you consume. For me, it made me realize what I was doing to myself – becoming fat. Therefore, with the exception of once-in-a-while occasions, although I love you, Barefoot Bubbly, I must say, “Goodbye.”  Sniff…sniff. “There’s just too many carbs in you.”

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