About the Blogger

I am no one important, except to my family, and I am okay with that. I am just a widowed chick, two times and counting if you like to make Black Widow jokes, who lives with my sister and my dog.

I like to write and I’ve written some things for the internet public before, but again, nothing important. I am okay with that fact, too. Again, I just like to write stuff.

Oh, I did graduate with a BA in English and a minor in Professional Writing, but sometimes you will think, “Really?!” Don’t judge, because the purpose of this blog is to pay homage to the loves of my life, to mentally connect with anyone who may be feeling the same pain, to laugh, to cry and to heal.

…Mostly to laugh. Even my stepkids think I have a great sense of humor. By the way, I love Chelsea Handler and Kathy Griffin, which might just give you an idea about how this quote unquote widow’s blog is going to shape up.

Feel free to follow me on @mylifefantastic on Twitter.


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